More and more employers are using job boards now, and more and more boards are popping up. With all this competition it is important to make the most of the business you get.

Although there are countless factors you might consider when improving your job board, there are four that are absolutely critical to your success. They are:

• Making your job boards cost-effective
• Making your job boards relevant
• Giving proper incentives to employers
• Extra (bonus) services

Make your board more cost-effective
If a board is not cost-effective, it will not be successful as well. Your price must be comparable to other online recruitment services, and others, such as radio and traditional press. Online advertising is generally more cost-effective than traditional advertising, but be sure the price is right so you do not price yourself out of the market! remot jobs

Make it relevant
The better you can match relevant candidates and graduate job listings on your job boards, the more likely agencies and employers will be to invest in ads with your job boards. Here again, make sure the prices are cost-effective and that clients can clearly see the value in what they get. Do this by providing a steady stream of qualified candidates. This is done be getting as much relevant information as possible from the employers before listing the ads. The more specific the ad is, the better to target the right candidates. Targeting lots of the wrong candidates is no better than not attracting any candidates at all. The more you can attract a steady stream of targeted candidates, the more successful you will be.

Give incentives
In order to encourage repeat business, it is important to reward the businesses that work with you. You can offer volume discounts or flat rates for employers that place lots of ads with you. You can charge one fixed price for a certain amount of ads or a flat rate for unlimited ads. For lower volume clients, you could offer deals such as every fourth ad is complimentary. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Brick-and-mortar retail stores often offer frequent shopping cards to encourage repeat business; could you develop a virtual repeat business card?

Offer extras
Think of other services you can offer besides graduate jobs ads. For example, you might host CV’s for prospective employees. This will attract more attractive job seekers and will also demonstrate to your clients the high quality of employees who will see their ads. Along the same lines, you might offer job alerts for employees so they know when the kinds of jobs they seek are available. This will attract a targeted group of employees, which is more attractive to employers.


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