Before you begin practicing on the best way to apply polish all alone, it is important to know the contrasts between the topcoat and base coat. A large number of us don’t have a clue about the genuine advantages of utilizing a base coat or are in an over the top rush henceforth we go directly to doing the nail treatment.

In the past, I would go directly to utilizing shine without a base coat and after some time, the clean stained my nails leaving them dull and ugly. It is essential to know about the advantages gathered to utilizing both a base coat and a topcoat.


  • The base coat is applied to your nails before you apply the nail clean you want. Albeit a few items join both the base coat and topcoat, it may not be as compelling since both are intended for various purposes. Here are a few advantages of utilizing a base coat.
  • Some base coats have nail solidifying properties that help to solidify your nails forestalling breakage. The base coat doesn’t make staining your nails.
  • Many base coats are invigorated with substances like Vitamin E, proteins, and calcium that keep the nail solid and solid forestalling parting and stripping.


A topcoat is an unmistakable nail clean typically applied over dried nail clean. They make an obstruction surface forestalling chipping of the nail clean and giving it a sparkling look.

  • Topcoat gives a serious shine and tries to please nail clean and causes it to feel smooth.
  • It enables your nail trim to remain new and look more youthful for a more drawn out time.
  • It conceals some minor defects on your nails, for example, scratches and lines that incidentally pass on your nail clean before it evaporates totally.
  • It makes it simpler to stick or fix nail workmanship adornments on your nails.


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